Springfield Science Museum

The Springfield Science Museum, founded in 1859 in City Hall, officially opened in 1899 in a classical revival building, expanded in 1932 with an Art Deco addition, and expanded again in 1970 with the Tolman addition that included a public observatory. In 2004, the Welcome Center was added to the Science Museum to serve as the main entrance to the entire campus. The Science Museum houses permanent collections of Natural Science, Anthropology and Physical Science. The Science Museum’s Seymour Planetarium consists of the historic Korkosz Starball, now the oldest operating star-projector in the United States. Horn Man: The Life and Musical Legacy of Charles Neville in the Wood Museum of Springfield History, celebrates Neville’s musical artistry through a display of personal mementos, musical instruments, photographs and music. The exhibition Nature Cat: Backyard and Beyond in the Science Museum inspires families and children to understand that nature discovery can happen anywhere – even in their own backyards. This bilingual and interactive exhibition provides opportunities to use math skills to explore the natural world and work and play together while engaging in a range of educational activities. The Washi Transformed: New Expressions in Japanese Paper exhibition on view in the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts presents expressive sculptures and dramatic installations that explore the astonishing potential of handmade Japanese paper. Our dynamic line-up of exhibitions and programs will guarantee that your visit to the Museums will be the most fun that you will ever have in a museum. In addition to hands-on learning experiences, costumed character appearances and art activities, visitors will be able to engage in socially distanced activities on our spacious grounds. You will not want to miss all that we have to offer at the Museums – there truly is something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out this place in Springfield too.

The Springfield Museums uses art, history, science and Dr. Seuss to explore our shared connections and unique perspectives to promote engagement, literacy and learning. Springfield Museums will be a leading cultural attraction with local and global appeal that draws audiences together in multi-generational learning. We will be known for inclusion, innovation and inter-disciplinary collaboration. As an anchor for our community, the Museums will advance knowledge by engaging diverse voices and perspectives. Springfield Museums promotes a boundless experience – we engage, inspire, connect and serve. They focus on creating people-centric experiences while respecting individuals from all backgrounds, identities and diverse life experiences. They embrace their roles of communicator, collaborator, convener and connector by sharing stories of individuals and communities past and present. They inspire creativity, experimentation and empathy with offerings that strengthen life-long learning informed by experiential and informal education.They strive to be a resilient organization by building talent, capacity and accountability in all areas of management and operations. They are committed to partnering with Springfield to support our vibrant, culturally significant home that attracts and retains visitors, residents, businesses and educational organizations. They ensure that inclusion, equity, and access are represented in our collections, exhibitions and educational programs and among the board, staff and volunteers.

An imposing neoclassical building with art-deco and modern wings, the Springfield Science Museum was founded at the turn of the 20th century. The attraction’s age grants it some distinctive features, like the Korkosz Star ball in the Seymour Planetarium, the oldest star projector in the USA. There’s a live animal centre that recreates fragile eco-systems like mangroves, rainforests and coral reefs, while young ones can marvel at the life-size models in the Dinosaur Hall. Part of the museum’s collection is a fascinating curiosity; a Telegraphone Recorder from the 1910s, which recorded sound onto spools of wire and quickly became obsolete. If you are ever in need of a cabinet maker, click here.


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