Leadfoot Brewing

The Glynn family started the Highland Brewery in 1868 in Springfield, MA before expanding their operations to Chicopee and starting the Hampden Brewing Company. Hampden Brewing location first began production in 1894. In 1948, the Chicopee Brewery purchased the Harvard Brewing Co. of Lowell, MA and became known as the Hamden-Harvard Brewery Inc. The legendary Hampden Ale remained the local beer of choice throughout its production run in Chicopee. The Piels Brothers of Brooklyn, NY purchased the Chicopee Brewery and began phasing out the Hampden brand. When Schaefer Beer took over the Piels brand, the Chicopee location was closed in 1975. In 2017, Leadfoot Brewing began renovations of a large metal building that was erected in 1961 for can and bottle storage on the north side of the packaging hall. The roughly 5,500 square foot building serving as both brewery and taproom, rich with history and character, opened in spring 2019; once again producing craft beer in the Willimansett neighborhood of Chicopee, MA. The Leadfoot story is a simple one: a lifelong journey of exploring the love of beer all around the world. Research began in college but continued on to Prague in 1993, tasting original Pilsners in the Motherland. Stops in Germany, Ireland, London and Manchester proved beneficial. Japan and Taiwan left lasting impressions of worldly opinions on our favorite subject matter: fine crafted beers. The Leadfoot idea became serious in 2013, with a commitment to patience and quality. A painstaking search for a brewery location that would accommodate big dreams and big plans led us back to the start of Brewing in Western Massachusetts. In 2017, planning began for startup at the old Hampden Brewing building in the Willimansett section of Chicopee, all while research continued. With an opening in May 2019, Leadfoot Brewing’s flagship brews include Leadfoot Lager and Leadfoot Pilsner, as well as a locally sourced Pioneer Valley IPA. The Leadfoot Family hopes to see you soon at a local event or at their Willimansett. Don’t forget to check out this place in Chicopee too.

Starting with subtle peat aromatics and a smooth malty finish, this amber classic will transport you to the Cliffs of Moher. Leadfoot’s take on hard seltzer is crisp, and clean, and we think that you are going to love it! Flavors vary. A classic Belgian Witbier brewed with wheat and traditional European malts. Aromatics and tartness come from generous additions of grapefruit, lemon, and orange peel with a hint of coriander. Proceeds from their Summer Setter ale are being donated to assistance programs that help families with their financial burden during cancer treatment. A smooth IPA that utilizes a unique hopping method to deliver intense fruit notes with a mild hop finish. Their hard seltzer is blended with red or white wine and fruit flavors and topped with a fresh fruit garnish. Their hard seltzer with freshly squeezed orange and natural ginger beer flavor.

Leadfoot Brewing is a local craft brewery that features metal crafting for its blends. Drinking a cold pint inside the pub is a favorite for indoor stuff to do when it’s raining or cold. This pub’s metal-crafting makes its beer blends among the unique things to see in Chicopee, and you shouldn’t miss out on its superior taste. Make sure to try out a variety of their beers while you’re here, like the Cafe Brewle (Nitro Stout), Mad Max (Double IPA), and Uno Mas (Mexican Lager). If you’re not into loud karaoke bars, you can proceed to Leadfoot Brewing along N. Chicopee St. It’s a local craft brewery that is a perfect spot to unwind, especially if you came from a tiring day from your outdoor adventure. Treat yourself to a mug of Leadfoot Brewing’s signature craft beer made from the brewery’s metal-crafting method that perfectly blends all the great ingredients. Try its other craft beer varieties, such as its Uno Mas Mexican lager, Mad Max Double IPA, and Café Brewle Nitro Stout. If you are ever in need of a cabinet maker, click here.



34 Front St. Door #18, Springfield, MA 01151, United States

(413) 455-5408


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